Auto Repair Shops

Auto Repair ShopsFor insurance with more power – you have come to the right place. We specialize in helping auto repair shops with their insurance and risk management program. Because we specialize, we have access to programs from insurance companies that other agencies might not. We take the time to understand your unique needs and then design a program specific to your business. Then, because we are an independent agency, representing many different insurance companies, we are able to match your needs with the right insurance company.

Some of the types of coverage we provide include:

  • Business personal property off premises
  • Business income and extra expense coverage
  • Employees’ tools and customers’ personal belongings that are stolen or damaged while in your care
  • Equipment – including compressors, lifts, and practically every item your business may own
  • Food spoilage caused by mechanical breakdown of refrigeration equipment
  • Fuel tanks and their contents – above and below ground
  • Liability coverage for all your operations
  • Money, credit card slips, and other securities that are stolen or destroyed on or off your premises
  • Protection for your buildings, pump islands, and canopies
  • Pollution cleanup required as a result of fire or other covered losses

We also provide protection if, due to your negligence, a product you sell or work you perform causes damage or injury. Our comprehensive coverage can protect you against damage and injury claims arising from all operations you own, lease, or manage.

To find out more about the comprehensive coverage programs we provide specially for auto repair shops, contact us today.